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Understanding the negative effects of eating fast food
Published By voodoovoodoo on 2011-08-01 811 Views

The fast food type of meals are still the number one on the top list of foods for a majority of peoples. Despite the everyday news about the secondary effects of fast food on the human body, peoples still prefer it because it is fast, cheap and tasty.

Every fast food eater knows the secondary effects of fast food, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and disorders such as dyslexia and attention deficit, they can't understand the more deep negative effects on the human body caused by this type of food.

Usually we feel good when we eat something so delicious as fast food. But an after effect from this kind of food is depression. It has been proved that Fast food and Junk food changes your mood considerably in a negative way. A study in London made by scientists from the University College proved that people who consume regularly processed food that contains a large amount of fats and sugars have a 61% higher chance to suffer from depression unlike the other persons who follow a balanced diet.

Nobody knows that fast food can cause you headaches. The processed food can trigger migraines, that is caused by the mono sodium glutamate, a substance usually used by all the fast food producers to enhance the flavor of the food and to hide the bad taste that usually remains in your mouth after eating. Also this type of foods contain nitrates and nitrites, these are preservatives to keep the food fresh for a longer period of time. In the human body these preservatives increase blood flow, which usually lead to headaches and migraines.

The lack of energy is the most noticeable short-term effect that occurs after consumption of any type of processed food from the Fast food and Junk Food category. This happens because this is a type of food that don't provide us with the essential nutrients that we need. It is the kind of food that contains just empty calories in comparison with an apple that provides us with vitamins and gives us a boost of energy.

Another effect that people usually don't understand is that Fast food decreases libido. These type of foods can and will harm a couple's relationship since it has a direct impact on your sexual health.

The most known effects of processed food in human body are the narrowing of the arteries that leads to heart disease and myocardial infarction, but also affects your liver, because it contains high level of cholesterol and fats.

Fast food is not the kind of food that you should eat every day, try to replace it with fruits, vegetables and for big meals a well cooked food. Fast food is not a healthy food and it is preferably to avoid it every time if possible. 

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