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How to live longer than 100 years - How to stay alive until 100 years
Published By voodoovoodoo on 2011-06-18 1138 Views

The Fountain of Youth is a myth, but with with the daily advances in medicine exceeding the age of 100 years old is something feasible for many people. By 2050 America will have over 1 million centenarians. In fact it is possible that you are on your way to 100 years.

Step one. Take an active life, both mentally and physically. You should not be obsessed about health, but you need to do some exercises. Walking, golf, swimming - anything is welcomed. Use a program of stretching to maintain flexibility and lift weights to prevent osteoporosis.

Step two. Stay married. Numerous studies have shown that married people live longer than singles. It's an old joke that says that for married people actually time passes harder, but in reality marriage helps.
Keep yourself at an ideal weight. If you are overweight you will limit the chances of exceeding the age of 100 years. Drink moderately and do not smoke at all.

Step three. It is good to have good genes. An extremely long life seems to be something hereditary and may be based on genetic and environmental factors. If you have a brother or sister that are older than 100 years it is possible for you to succeed this too. (Of course this means that you are already quite old).

Step four. Eliminate stress that is not necessary in your life because it leads to a shorter life. If you find a satisfying job that you like that will help to prolong your life. If you are retired do something that will give meaning to your life.

Create better links with friends and loved ones. This may be more difficult than to live 100 years, but it will be very helpful if you manage it. Live simply.
Stay away from boring and depressed people. Even 100 years is little time to waste. There are many fun things you need to do. Calculate your life expectancy entering on various sites that offer such a service.

Activities that will make you think and those that are involving social interactions, such as bridge, chess, music, educational courses or your children's life management are essential to you.
Step five. Avoid stressing yourselves at negative events. These thoughts can trigger physical responses, such as an increase in the amount of adrenaline that can affect the body for many years. A positive attitude can prolong life and can make it more enjoyable.

Finding yourself a balance in life may give you the opportunity to live more than 100 years. It was proved that meditation helps prologue life so try practicing that too. Follow the steps above and it will guarantee you a life that others dream of.

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