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Triond scam. Stay away from Triond. My Triond story
Published By voodoovoodoo on 2011-05-28 461 Views

Well here i am to share with you my story about 3 months spent on Triond.

Since i was on Triond i was curious how it works and if it is a good site to promote my articles. I wrote for some time, 3 months exactly. I made some money's and pretty good ones but i noticed something. I made sure to make 4 accounts so i publish on each one. Believe it or not i had 70 articles on each one, with different content and every day i had the same amount of views.

The difference was small from 4-6 views. What are the chances? Think about it, if you have 70 articles on 4 different blogs on hundreds of different subject, how can you have the same amount of views, between 40- 50 views. It is impossible, they limit your views.

And that is not all, i had an article about orgasm, it reached the first page from Google, and at the beginning i made around 200-300 view per day. It was a very good article, until 2 weeks later when i noticed that the views drooped drastically, to 4-8 views a day, and today all the views disappeared.

I Searched for my article on Google and did not found it, it is not there, it is published but it is not there, in fact, it is, but written by another person with the same words. And i am not the only person that happened to have the same thing and from today i resign from Triond and i advise all of you to stay away from Triond, if you what to work a lot for your articles and be payed very poorly write there, but i advice you to use other sites.

Hope that my advice was good and that you will remember what i wrote here if you join Triond like me and it happens the same thing to you. Happy publishing.

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