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How can you become infected with E. coli? - What is E. Coli - Escherichia coli
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E. coli is short for Escherichia coli - a bacterium that causes the severe cramping and diarrhea, may even lead to bloody diarrhea. Symptoms most often found in children or elderly people who have other diseases. Degrama E.coli infection occurs in the northern states, in the summer.

How can you become infected with E. coli?

  •  If you do not wash vegetables, especially those bought
  •  Eating steak that is not cooked properly
  •  Drinking dirty water, contaminated
  •  Eating unpasteurized milk
  •  If you work with animals, or cows

Healthy beef meat contains E.cpoli, as well as dairy cows have E. coli in their intestines. The meat may be contaminated with microbes in the process of cutting, at which E.colii penetrate flesh and remain there as an announcement of the disease.

The easiest way to get infected with E. coli is by eating contaminated food. You can get infected with E.coli if you do not cook the beef at the proper temperature, or if you do not cook it long enough to be good to eat, to be healthy and without microbes. By eating beef that is not cooked completely, you can get germs in the stomach and intestines.

E.coli can also pass from person to person, most often in hospitals or day care centers. If you have this infection, it is advisable to wash your hands with soap after exiting the bathroom, because you transmit through this way the microbe.

People who are infected with E. coli are very contagious. Children should not go to health centers only if they have tests done to demonstrate that the infection is gone and the elderly should stay in bed until, well, two lines of analysis would show negative.

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